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K V Singh Your host in India in your journey through this fantastic land !

Tourism Planner since 1976, Singh is widely traveled, a wild-life enthusiast, horseman, mountaineer, environmentalist and gourmet. He & several of his relations from royal families own & operate lovely boutique hotels & resorts in India where you would be warmly welcomed and personally looked after.

His wife is a social entrepreneur and conducts study tours in India for volunteers, students and teachers from all over the world.

Singh is a scion of the royal family of Khandela. The photographs displayed along side are some of his ancestors in regalia. They were great patrons of music & dance, paintings, culinary arts and were themselves gracious hosts. The tradition continues.


Responsible Travel Policy

India Heritage & Culture Tours aims to provide travel-related services in ways that prevent the degradation of the environment and maximize benefits to the local communities.

We operate small groups of 2 to 10 people who mostly stay in family-operated hotels. These hotels have adopted several Eco-friendly features such as use of solar energy, recycled paper, organically-grown food & rain water harvesting structures.

The company carries out campaigns in association with local bodies, schools, colleges & shopkeepers to keep the water bodies, religious places & monuments free of garbage. Our small groups are encouraged to buy products from locals but only from those who certify that they do not employ child labour.

We work towards the protection of children from sexual exploitation in the travel & tourism industry by reporting such incidents to the concerned authorities.