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Name of Beneficiary : IHCT Heritage and Adventure Tours
Address of Beneficiary : D-219(B), Bhaskar Marg, Banipark, Jaipur – 302016,  India
Bank of Beneficiary : IndusInd Bank Ltd
Current Account No : 200999681611
Branch Address : Sangam Tower, Church Road, MI Road, Jaipur India
Swift Code : INDB INBB JAC

Alternative Bank Account
Name of Beneficiary : Rudrani Singh
Address of Beneficiary : D-219(B), Bhaskar Marg, Banipark, Jaipur -302016 India
Current Account No : 200999458855
Bank : IndusInd Bank Limited
Branch Address : Banipark, Jaipur – 302016
RTGS/NEFT/IFS Code : INDB0000016
Swift Code : INDB INBB JAC

Tel No.: +91 141 4031805

Once we have confirmed our services there will be no refunds

Refund Policy:
We will refund 60 percent of the total booking amount towards travel-related services customers are not able to avail for reasons beyond their control. Serious illness,death in the family and natural calamities will constitute such reasons. This amount is payable in Indian Rupees.
It can also be paid in foreign currency as per Government of India/ Reserve Bank of India’s norms. Bank charges will be borne by the customers requesting for refund(s) in overseas bank accounts.

For all cancellations made by customers or their agents we are to receive 40 percent of the total amount contracted at the time of bookings and confirmed by us to the customers or the contracting agency. Cancellation charges can be paid in Indian rupees or in the preferred currency of the customer and or their agents.